This chapter talks about the wake of Manezhnaia revealed, television's role in the mis-management of diversity policy is far from restricted to news bulletins. The new generation of gypsy dramas to flood Russian television can also be traced to the early 1990s arrival on post-Soviet screens of the Latin American 'soap opera' form, with its melodramatic narratives of provincial girls finding love and social advancement in new, urban environments. The chapter re-examines the circulation of official and demotic approaches to ethnicity on the territory of televised fiction. The interconnectivity between news and non-news broadcasting has particular significance for the media's representation of inter-ethnic relations in the context of televised drama. In fact, news and non-news broadcasting have always existed in a symbiotic relationship. The spectrum of approaches indicates that, far from serving merely as a locus of vernacular racism, popular cultural forms also contribute to a tentative recasting of inter-ethnic relations.