This chapter focusses primarily on four social influence techniques: using the name of one's interlocutor, incidental similarity, the induction of hypocrisy, and a witness to the interaction. Using the name of one's interlocutor technique, requires that people quickly and correctly remember the name of the person they are interacting with, and then use this name during future contact. It is based on the assumption that an egotistic reaction to the sound of one's own name would be the response primarily of people whose faith in their own capacities had been shaken. The Incidental similarity technique consists in displaying a similarity, if just an incidental one, to the individual asked to fulfil a request. The induction of hypocrisy technique, based on inducing individuals to understand clearly that their behaviour is inconsistent with their public declarations. A witness to an interaction technique placed under analysis is the assumption that many human behaviours are associated with the need for self presentation.