Pre-revolutionary prime minister Petr Stolypin has been promoted in the new millennium by, e.g., Vladimir Putin and film director Nikita Mikhalkov as an exemplary figure, resulting in the erection of a statue of the ‘great reformer’ in Moscow. This chapter analyses the political appropriation and institutionalisation of Stolypin’s memory and considers earlier indicators of political interest in this image. Then, it discusses the appearance of Stolypin in Russian cultural productions, on television in particular. Here, the chapter also points out certain precursors to the Stolypin myth, closely connected historical narratives that nevertheless do not feature him (or in which he plays a subsidiary part). The chapter discusses three productions in detail: the TV series Stolypin … The Undrawn Lessons (2006), the episode on Stolypin in the televised competition The Name Is Russia (2008) and the television documentary Petr Stolypin: A Shot at Russia (2012).