Our Global Goals are not insurmountable. As demonstrated in this book, there are business and capital solutions that make a significant difference. The opportunities are there. Information resources are available for guidance, like this book, and the many reports referenced in the chapters. There are organizations and partnerships open to new members, as there is ample room for more leaders to join the call. The business case of both engaging with, and funding, the SDGs is a very strong business case. For instance, the Busi-

ness and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) notes there is a US $4 trillion annual investment opportunity existing in the sectors food and agriculture, cities, and energy and materials,2

sectors which have all been discussed extensively in this book. Their report, Better Business Better World, predicts that the current investment (of $4 trillion) could unlock opportunities worth more than US $12 trillion by 2030, conservatively calculated. Additional savings and revenues of trillions of dollars annually can result from the opportunities unlocked by the Global Goals. The new market opportunities can generate up to 380 million new jobs by 2030. Most of those jobs will be in developing countries which is important to control poverty and economic migration since the population is expected to grow considerably in those regions.