This chapter explores all kinds of direct references to Augustine, including the mentioning of his name, citation and quotation. It examines the implicit evidence of Augustine’s influence at two levels: the level of content and the formal level of Hincmar’s texts. The chapter focuses on a number of identified Augustinian terms, concepts and figures found in the De civitate Dei, which also occur in the Carolingian sources. It discusses the meaning and function of all these terms, concepts and figures in Hincmar’s texts, and explains Hincmar’s use of them with Augustine’s. Hincmar’s text De regis persona et regio ministerio is a ‘mirror for princes’ written for King Charles the Bald. A general survey of Hincmar’s Epistolae has revealed that Hincmar draws on Augustine mainly in his texts against Gottschalk’s doctrine of predestination and in his criticism of the divorce of King Lothar II.