Human activities continue to cause a rise in Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions despite the implementation of various climate protection measures. Currently, an estimated four out of nine planetary boundaries have now been crossed as a result of human activity, which would drive the Earth System into a much less hospitable state. The current tragedy is that improvement or turnaround in the global trends is not in sight. On the contrary, every year it gets more dramatic. Urgent action is needed to ensure that humanity preserves the life-giving functions of our natural environment. An ambitious study was conducted into the Resource-Efficient Pathways towards Greenhouse-GasNeutrality (RESCUE). In the RESCUE study, a combination of five models was used, together with various sector-specific data, to carry out quantitative assessments of GHG emissions and raw materials requirements in six scenarios between 2010 and 2050. The RESCUE study produced scenarios which are archetypes of sustainable development and can serve as blueprints for the “Great Transformation”. The GreenSupreme is a scenario that will speed up the global achievement of sustainability goals. Not surprisingly, it would mean zero growth of the gross national product in the industrialised countries in the medium term. Without limiting our lifestyles we will not achieve the goals and global injustices will become increasingly severe. People today have recognised that quick action is necessary. More and more sectors, levels, parts of society, movements, countries, cities are beginning to take a different path. ---- The video is part of a book and video series titled: Factor X – Studies in Sustainable Natural Resource Management. The interview is based on the article with the same name in the book titled: Factor X - Sustainable Development and Resource Productivity. The book can be found here: The video was produced by The Engagement Company