The Dutch National Climate Agreement appointed the municipality as director of the local energy transition. The climate task basically exists of two major challenges of a different order: 1. the transition of heat supply, and 2. the production of sustainable (electrical) energy. Both challenges demand a different strategy. Both strategies are based on co-operation with companies, housing associations, NGO’s, inhabitants and other governmental authorities. During the past three years, we succeeded, together with all parties involved, to create an atmosphere of financial transparency and understanding for motives, needs and ambitions of all parties involved. This enabled us, among others, to build a calculation model for comparing different scenarios for the sustainable production of electricity and to develop a new way of financing the energy transition. --- The video is part of a book and video series titled: Factor X – Studies in Sustainable Natural Resource Management. The interview is based on the article with the same name in the book titled: Factor X - Sustainable Development and Resource Productivity The book can be found here: The video was produced by The Engagement Company