Technology has led to many changes in society, altering many aspects of our lives. A number of examples are given in this article, calling attention to new business models (ways of making money) that have arisen. Though technology leads to a gap between generations, emotionally and physically separating the young from the old, it also brings cultures closer together. The selfie, for example, has achieved worldwide recognition, and shows a modern trend in society – of group independence and cohesion – groups and individuals being self-sufficient and not needing outside help to register occurrences and experiences. Sport, due to technology, has also brought cultures, both from the East and from the West, closer together. Change has been occurring faster than history books are being written, and we thus run the risk of not registering much of the change we have witnessed, from social media to how we choose to watch movies. In an age where nothing can be said to be private anymore, we may only wonder what lies beyond the newest ‘Like’ generation. My advice is to embrace technology, as those who dare to refuse it will be forgotten sooner than if they use available technology to its fullest potential. Plan what you want to do online, versus offline, as the boundary between the two becomes ever more blurred.