In recent years, death by suicide among children and early adolescents has become a significant topic of concern. Individuals in their youth are capable of exhibiting all four types of suicidal behaviours which include having suicidal thoughts (suicidal ideation), engaging in suicide threats, making suicide attempts, and dying by suicide. Youth suicide rates have increased substantially (Drapeau and McIntosh 2017; WHO 2017) particularly among females and African American children (Bridge et al. 2015). Various risk factors have been identified such as internalising behaviours, externalising behaviours, family issues, peer relations, and social media use. Multiple warning signs can indicate an immediate potential for youth to engage in suicidal behaviours. These red flags should be taken seriously, and professional support should be sought. Some prevention efforts directed at youth have been shown to reduce suicidal behaviours although there is a need for more evidence-based approaches.