Gerbert of Aurillac (Sylvester II) (c. 945–12 May 1003) was schoolmaster at Reims, an innovator in quadrivial teaching, abbot of Bobbio, archbishop of Reims and Ravenna, and finally, the first French pope (as Sylvester II). Although of undistinguished birth, his academic brilliance allowed him to help Reims become the pre-eminent cathedral school in the northern French area, famous for its curriculum and for its ability to attract elite students. It benefited from Gerbert’s personal knowledge not only of classical Roman scientific works but also of Arabic astronomical instruments. He himself befriended the kings of France and Germany, connections that helped him obtain the highest ecclesiastical offices. Employed at times as tutor of Otto II and Otto III, and later as pope, he promoted an imperial restoration of Roman civilisation.