Shared learning targets and clear success criteria are essential elements of a student-involved, formative assessment process. Teachers use learning targets and success criteria to plan formative lessons, gather evidence of student learning, and share feedback that advances students’ learning progress. During the lesson students apply the learning target and success criteria to involve themselves directly in their own learning by gathering evidence to constantly monitor the quality of their understanding and work. Over time, students come to better understand how they learn best, where they are in relation to a lesson’s learning target, and how to better plan and take the next steps in their learning process. When combined with feedback that is timely, non-evaluative, and related to the learning target and success criteria, all students gain the opportunity to become assessment-capable, self-regulated learners. When teachers partner with their students to clarify, share, and understand the learning target and criteria for success for the lesson, both the teacher and the students become clear about the learning outcomes they pursue and what they will count as evidence of student achievement.